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The German-Chinese Research Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


The German-Chinese Research Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) forms a corporate association of internationally co-operating scientists who, in accordance with the statutes, pursue and promote basic-scientific, interdisciplinary and field-specific research on TCM, in particular acupuncture and its application in medicine, as well as related studies. Research Foundation Functions

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  • Lectures will cover:

    • Chinese medical theory and system biology
    • Mechanisms of acupuncture
    • Clinical application and studies
    • TCM phytopharmacology
    • Methodology of research
    • Qigong research
    • Miscellaneous

News & Events

10th International Workshop

on Traditional Chinese Medicine
in Porto (Portugal)

20 – 22 April 2018

"TCM in Science – Science in TCM"

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The researchers and clinicians invited count to the best in the field of TCM and integrative medicine. They will report on their latest results in basic and clinical TCM research. This workshop will also provide a high-level platform for academic exchange and the establishment of new research networks.

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